Camping Amsterdam Gaasper


Free internet

Would you like to send your holiday pictures home or just check your email? No problem. You can log on to the wireless internet network using your Smartphone or laptop from almost anywhere on the campsite. And it's entirely free!

Restaurant for a tasty meal during the day or a quick pizza

terras When you're on holidays you finally have time for yourself! It makes total sense that you don't feel like cooking a meal. Just the same, you would like to enjoy a nice meal. So, come and visit our ambient restaurant. It's nice sitting at our terrace and inside. Each day we offer a delicious and affordable dish of the day. Or just drop by to try one of our freshly made pizzas. You can also come and pick them up to enjoy near your caravan or sitting outside your tent. Moreover, our restaurant is the ideal place to meet fellow travellers. Lean back, relax and share the best travel trips about Amsterdam, while enjoying a refreshing beer.

From fresh sandwiches to air bed plugs: you'll find it all in our campsite shop

Car packed, suitcase shut and still that feeling that you've forgotten something? No problem. Our campsite shop offers an extensive range of camping gear and cosmetics, from tent pegs to shampoos and even complete sleeping tents. You can also get freshly baked buns and delicious coffee in our shop. In short: everything you need for a relaxing stay at the Gaasper Camping.

shop inside shop inside shop outside

Amsterdam by bicycle, the nicest way to explore the city!

There's no city in the world where so many inhabitants ride bicycles like in Amsterdam. This makes the bicycle the ideal means of transport for exploring Amsterdam. The city is relatively small and very well suited for cyclists. Did you know that the Netherlands has more bicycles than people? Don't they say: When in Rome, do as the Romans do? In short: get that bike! Feel like exploring Amsterdam by bicycle? You can, because here at the campsite you can hire your own bike for as little as € 7.00. Jump on your bike and you'll be downtown in half an hour.


Other facilities

  • Laundry
  • Toilets, wash and shower facilities
  • Baby wash and care place
  • Water taps
  • Playground
  • Gas depot
  • Dump for chemical toilets
  • Service Station campers